i don’t know who’s she

hi, i’m rae (she/her) , and, i’m a hot mess!

i like reading (and writing, and acting) because it means my problems aren’t mine. an escape mechanism? maybe. but that’s between me and my therapist.

i’m 19 and a sophomore at USC. i’m a screenwriting major and i love love love it there. in addition to writing and reading, i love bad netflix originals and playing dungeons and dragons.

in case you couldn’t tell from the name of the site, i’m in love with the bard (i’ve been in 7 and directed 3 of his plays!) but i also love my fair share of ya novels. alright, more than my fair share.

my favorite genre is “gay coming-of-age fantasy” which i know isn’t a “real” genre but i’m going to pretend it is. books in this genre include in other lands by sarah rees brennan and carry on by rainbow rowell.

alright that’s it!! i don’t know who i am if someone finds out let me know